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We are organizing incentives even for the most demanding clients. Our DMC will provide you only with the best quality transport, restaurants, hotels and activities in Malta! Your visit is always adapted to your budget, therefore regardless of how much money is involved we will always give you our 100 % of commitment. Incentive program has potential to skyrocket your business. Starting from increased sales to improved reputation and better performance from employees. All the trips and activities organized by us create the perfect time to bond and improve work relationships as well as employees motivation!


  1. Transfer services
  2. Resident services, leader, guide, concierge
  3. Coach charters
  4. Minibuses and limousines - premium class charter
  5. Motorboat and sailing boats charters
  6. Charter flights
  7. Cruise flights and ferry cruises

For the convenience of our clients we created Group Department. It'll stay in front of any query and will answer to every need, each thought will dress in words in order to realize it. It can be a cultural visit, historical guided tour or religious program under the guidance of a priest. Also tailor-made routes for special needs clients: wine tours, culinary or sport programs

Our company gives you full range of services designed to compose stay in Malta and to make it more enjoyable.
Accommodation is one of the main pillars of our offered services. Simple self-catering apartment or a high-end boutique style hotel or a family-style "club" accommodation in a hotel with animation and all-inclusive, or located in the center of city agglomeration hotel for a short getaway. We guarantee that your expectations will be met.