Our company gives you full range of services designed to compose stay in Malta and to make it more enjoyable.
Accommodation is one of the main pillars of our offered services. Simple self-catering apartment or a high-end boutique style hotel or a family-style "club" accommodation in a hotel with animation and all-inclusive, or located in the center of city agglomeration hotel for a short getaway. We guarantee that your expectations will be met.

  • We provide our contractors access to our hotel database consisting of more than 100 hotels located in all the islands, the current base of the availability of rooms and facilities, booking through our reservation system is available here: PANEL AGENT.
  • Budget Hotels 3* and 4* for pilgrim groups, youth and student
  • Hotels 3* and 4* medium and high class for families with children
  • 4* & 5* medium and high class for demanding business customers
  • Hotels 4* and 5* high-class and boutique hotels for demanding customers who enjoy a high level and privacy
  • More than 40 villas and apartments on the island of Gozo with different standards for families and small groups

For Tour Operators we provide prices TO

As a local company we work directly with all hotels. As we go to these places, we know very well the reality of all of our hotels - their advantages, disadvantages, and everything else what you will not read on any official websites.

If you respect the comfort of your guests and security in business, you do not want to expose yourselves and clients to unforeseen circumstances, you will certainly appreciate our expertise, experience, knowledge of local conditions and financial conditions of our offer.